Main Route

The route in the same way as the 1st World March is taken as reference. With the particularity of starting and ending it in Madrid.

This is the tentative schedule of the tour with entry and exit dates by continent:

On September 1, 2023, places and dates will be confirmed and/or modified. From September 2 to 15, the necessary adjustments will be made between countries of each continent and between September 16 and 30, the trunk route of the 3rd MM will be closed and will be announced on 10/2/2023. 

Converging Route

The joining initiatives along the trunk line route as well as converging routes will be numerous and will give even more strength and intensity to the WM. There were many examples in the 1st WM. Such as a group of young women marching for 10 days in New Zealand to incorporate themselves in the commencement of the WM in Wellington. Also the routes of Middle-East-Balkans or South Africa-Oriental, both of which marched through various countries and thousands of km.